travisgmoore:Robotech is my all-time favorite cartoon, due in no…


Robotech is my all-time favorite cartoon, due in no small part to the amazing characters. Claudia Grant was the rock of the bridge crew during the First Robotech War, holding strong even after suffering arguably the most heartbreaking tragedy of the entire series. In the end, she made the ultimate sacrifice, but used her final moments to save the life of her best friend. A generation later, during the Second Robotech War, her nephew Bowie Grant goes AWOL to pursue true love with Musica, inciting an alien revolt, and ultimately helping to defeat the Robotech Masters. As a kid, this kind of mature storytelling blew my mind, so different from sanitized American cartoons, and it still holds up to this day. I really hope they eventually do the live-action movie (or even a high-end television series).

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